Here is a complete list of all our musical works minus the material we are currently working on for upcoming projects.


Music for Everyday People (2015), Emmett Collins



Sunrise, Sunset

Shake It

Louis Lane

Masks featuring Hammer

Our Destiny 2.0

Stop, Go

The Past is Prologue (2014), Marcos Garibay

Latin /  Pop

The Past is Prologue


Click, Click, Glow featuring The Circus House

After Love

With You

Holographic Love

Dance Intermission

Thrill After The Chase


Frontin (cover)


Dance Intermission (music video remix featuring Hammer and BHz)

I  Miss You (unreleased)

Flesh and Bones (2013), The Circus House

Electro Pop


Faith in My Footsteps

Tasteless Kisses

Deja Blue

Gold Wind

Eyes Wide Open

Give Me a Reason

Turn The Music Up

Old Star

Piece of Sky

We Are Free

The Road

A is for Authentic Soundtrack (2013), Marcos Garibay

Latin/Urban/Hip Hop/Fusion

Marcos Garibay - Authentic

Reflecshaun feat. Marcos Garibay - Impatient remix

Marcos Garibay, Emmett Collins, Reflecshaun, AC, The Circus House, Marie Robertson & The Soul Kidz -This is How We Get Down

Marcos Garibay feat. Emmett Collins - Holographic Love

Lara Gallegos feat. Marcos Garibay - Trouble

Marcos Garibay - Frontin Cover

Marcos Garibay and The Circus House - Circus Dance

Studio Sessions (2013), Emmett Collins


Emmett Collins - WIll Not be Televised feat. Marcos Garibay

Emmett Collins - Shake

Emmett Collins - Untitled Beat Shop Track

Emmett Collins - Lame

The Acequia Project EP (2013), The Acequia Project

Folk/Urban Latino

The Acequia Project - New Americana (Blackout Beat remix)

RED (2013), Marie Robertson

Pop/Electric Pop

Marie Robertson - Girl Power

Marie Robertson - Turn The Music Up

Marie Robertson - Around Me

Marie Robertson - Set The World Free

Marie Robertson - Harmony

Marie Robertson - Dancing Alone feat. Marcos Garibay

Marie Robertson - I Am

Marie Robertson - Take Me In feat. AC

Marie Robertson - Keep on Dancing Remix

Mysterious EP (2012), Emmett Collins


Emmett Collns - Mysterious feat. Baby H

Emmett Collns - Work You Out

Emmett Collns - Fly With Me

Emmett Collns - Let You Know

Emmett Collns - Excite Me

Emmett Collns - Cross The Line feat. Young Hammer

Emmett Collins - Can’t Get This Right

Love/Hate EP (2012), Reflecshaun

Hip Hop

Reflecshaun - Love/Hate feat. Emmett Collins and AC

Reflecshaun - Girl Come Around feat. Yaw

Reflecshaun - Why Is It The Same

Reflecshaun - This New World feat. Young Hammer

Reflecshaun - Right Here

Reflecshaun - Go feat. Emmett Collins & Marocs

Reflecshaun - Impatient remix feat. Marocs

Reflecshaun - City Girl feat. Sha

Reflecshaun - Reply feat. Jerimiah Perez

Reflecshaun - I Got It Made Remix

Reflecshaun - All Coming Back feat. AC and Abigail Freed (of The Circus House)

The Circus House (2012), The Blackout Beat

Electric Pop

Marie Robertson - Keep on Dancing

Abigail Freed - Messy Heart

Marie Robertson feat. Abigail Freed - Take it, Break, it

Abigail Freed - HeartGroove

Marie Robertson - Smile Again

Marie Robertson - Let Me Hear That (Boom)

Marie Robertson - Dim

Abigail Freed - Red(Source) & Green(Transmission)

Marie Robertson - Show Me
Abigail Freed - Collide

Abigail Freed - End This Race

Untitled Project (2011), Yaw

Dancehall/ Hip Hop

Yaw - Girl Come Around

Yaw - Rude Girl

TBA (2010), Armando Garibay/The Blackout Beat

Pop/Hip Hop/R&B/Dance

Jerimiah Perez - O.D.  (TBA version)

Lexie feat. Marcos & Juan Alvarez - Watch Me (version 3)

Reflecshaun - Why Should I Care

Reflecshaun - Twisted

Marcos feat. Lexie - Black Widow (version 2)

Ideal Citizens feat Reflecshaun - In The Crowd

Marcos - About U (TBA mix, album version)

Jerimah Perez, Lexie, Relecshan & Marcos - Control (album version)

Marcos feat. Lexie & Reflecshaun - Hard to Breathe (TBA version)

Lexie - Body on MIne (TBA version)

Lexie - I Feel it (Body on MIne interlude)

Jerimiah Perez - In My Dreams (TBA version)

Jerimiah Perez feat. Marcos & Reflecshaun - Must Let U Go (TBA version)

Jerimiah Perez feat. Marcos - Closer

Unreleased TBA (2007-10), Armando Garibay/The Blackout Beat

Pop/Hip Hop/R&B/Dance

Jerimah Perez, Lexie, Relecshan & Marcos - Control (video version)

Lexie feat. Marcos & Juan Alvarez - Watch Me (version 2)

Lexie feat. Marcos & Juan Alvarez - Watch Me (version 1)

Lexie - Feel It

Marcos - Black Widow (version 1)

Marcos - About U (video mix)

Jerimiah  - Fade Away (video version)

Jerimiah - Fade Away (album version)

Marcos feat. Reflecshaun & Juan Alvarez - Not Enough

TBA Intro

Lexie - Body on Mine (version 1)

Danielle - Run to Her

Jerimiah Perez - In My Dreams (version one)

Jerimiah Perez feat. Marcos & Reflecshaun - Must Let U Go (version one)

Lexie - Close To Me (version 1)

Lexie feat. Marcos - Close To Me (version 2)

Lexie - Ice Cream

Free Song Friday (2010), Marcos Garibay/The Blackout Beat

Pop/Hip Hop/R&B/Dance/Reggaeton

Marcos - Mad at Me

This is Blackout Oddessy (2010), Black Oddessy (BKO


BKO - Everybody Knows

BKO feat. Reflecshaun - Everybody Knows remix

BKO - What We Do

BKO feat. iMac & Marcos - Without U

BKO feat. Yaw - So Fine

BKO - Our Destiny

Untitled EP (2010), Afia


Afia - Will U feat. Marcos

Afia - Not Gonna Do it Again feat. Reflecshaun

Untitled (2010), Asia

R&B/Hip Hop/Experimental

Asia - Stutter

Asia - Do U Wanna Ride

Lordship (2010), Lord Lyricist EP

Hip Hop

10 Songs

Untitled Project (2010), Reflecshaun

Hip Hop

Reflecshaun feat. Sha - City Girl

Free Song Friday (2010), QB Masburge

Hip Hop

QB - This is Not a Surprise

Untitled Project (2010), Sha


Sha - Trouble

Untitled Project (2010), Yaw

Dancehall/ Hip Hop

Yaw - Rude Gal

(2010), Lara Gallegos


Lara Gallegos - Running Through My Head (extended version)

Lara Gallegos - Feel It

Lara Galegos - Live Without U (demo)

Every 15 Minutes Program, Drinking & Driving Movie Soundtrack (2008), Reflecshaun 


Reflecshaun  - Addiction

Reflecshaun - Temptation

Untitled (2008), Erika The Violinist

Hip Hop

Erika The Violinist feat. Reflecshaun & Calico - Why Don’t U Leave

Untitled (2008), Sushi Lor

Hip Hop/R&B

Sushi Lor feat. Marcos - Walk Away

Untitled (2008), Proficia


Proficia feat. Marcos - Impatient

Untitled Flamenco  (2008), Bobby Martinez of Dos Bertos


Bobby Martinez of Dos Bertos - Untitled Flamenco Song 1

Bobby Martinez of Dos Bertos - Untitled Flamenco Song 2

Live @ Rojas (2008), Juan Alvarez

Hip Hop/R&B

Juan Alvarez- El Cantante

Juan Alvarez - a mi Manera(My Way)

Juan Alvarez - Sabor a mi

Juan Alvarez - Sangre Canela

Juan Alvarez - Si Pudiera Mentirn

Juan Alvarez - Antes de que te Vayas

Juan Alvarez - Paloma Querida

Juan Alvarez - Besame Mucho

Juan Alvarez - Solamente una Vez

Juan Alvarez - Old Friend

Juan Alvarez feat. Marcos Garibay - Before I go Interlude

Juan Alvarez feat. Marcos & Reflecshaun - Sangre Canela remix

Juan Alvarez feat. Marcos, Lexie, Dos Bertos & Reflecshaun - After U Left